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Thank you! Gracias!

Anoche le envie un e-mail de agradecimiento a todos los que me apoyaron en la carrera para recaudar fondos para el Team Blue Card. Este es el e-mail:

Dear all,
Another race has come and gone, my fourth consecutive Miami Half Marathon. The weather was hot and humid and not really great for running. My time was not exactly what I would have hoped for… but yet, this was probably the most significant run I have participated in. Being a part and running for Team Blue Card was definitely a special experience. And while 13.1 miles always measure the same no matter how you measure them, running for a cause made a difference in many ways.
First, let me tell you about something that happened somewhere between mile 7 and 8, as I was turning west onto the Venetian Causeway. Since before getting into my corral, I had noticed people looking at my shirt and trying to read what it said and what Team I was running for. It continued during the race as other runners are constantly checking out who is around them. But at that corner, something happened that had never happened to me before. A random spectator saw me approach and after realizing who I was running for he jumped onto the course, nearly tripped another runner and came to me just to high five me. And he did it hard, like he really meant it. I have no idea who he is or why he felt so connected to my shirt with the large Blue Card logo in the chest area. But he felt the need to come support me to complete the last 5 or so miles in the Miami heat. Felt pretty cool.
Second, and just as important, Joana and the kids came to cheer on the course and finish line. It was the first time that I can tell them that I am running for something more. I was physically setting an example and putting my actions where my mouth is. I hope that they truly understood the meaning of the run as something more than what I always tell them (the usual good for your health stuff). It’s the second time they come watch me race and it is the highlight of the event.
I am proud to let you all know that as a team we raised just about $20,000 to provide direct financial assistance to needy Holocaust survivors in southeast Florida through the work of the Blue Card and the JCS. I am even prouder to say that through your generosity, I personally raised just over $4,000! Like I said on my last e-mail before the race, there are not enough words to express how blessed I feel for counting you all as friends.
Thank you!


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