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Miami Free

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Una vuelta al circulo con Maxi.


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runDisney support

imagesLes habia escrito un e-mail para tratar de ver si podían descifrar mi tiempo final y ayudarme a encontrar las fotos de la llegada a la meta. Hoy me contestaron:

Hello Jacobo,

Thank you for contacting us. In doing a quick review, your b-tag did not register at the finish time. Can you provide some additional detail to help our timing team in the research:

Do you recall the clock time when you crossed the finish? If so, please provide.
Did you maintain a watch/app time? If so, please provide.
Did you finish with a running partner? If so, please provide name/bib #.

We look forward to hearing from you, so we can research your request.

Thank you,

Es ahora cuando voy a comprobar si el tiempo que le dediqué a poner datos de la carrera en el post sirvió de algo porque pude usar esos números comparando los splits que si midieron con los de miCoach:

Thanks for the response.

According to my app, my time was approx 2:08:37 and my relevant splits were:

5K – 28:20 | 10K – 56:39 | 15K – 1:28:51

My app started recording data at 5:46 am, which in theory would put my clock time at 7:54.

Hope you guys can figure this out also to find my pictures crossing the finish line.

Thanks for the help!


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Miami 42

Treadmill  |  35 min  |  3.27 miles  | 418 cal

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Countdown to next race

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