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Junta/Cena con el Team Blue Card

Jueves por la noche fue la cena para conocer a los miembros del equipo y revisar los últimos detalles para la carrera. He aquí el texto integro del e-mail que le envié a los que han apoyado y unas fotos del evento:

Dear all,

There are not enough words to express the gratitude that I feel for the support that you have all given to the Blue Card Team through my participation in the Miami Half Marathon this coming Sunday. Last Thursday we had our team meeting and we were very lucky to have Mr. Joe Sachs sitting at our table with us. Mr. Sachs is a Holocaust Survivor and he shared with us his experience of working with the Jewish Community Services, especially his involvement in programs to support other Holocaust Survivors.

To kick off the agenda, we all took turns introducing ourselves and giving a brief explanation of why we had decided to run in support of this organization. When my turn came I did not have anything to say as significant as the people before me. Fortunately my family escaped Europe before the Nazis came to power so that was not what was driving me. It was the purpose of the organization as a whole, their mission. As stated on their website: “…Dignity was forcibly taken from them during the Holocaust, and The Blue Card ensures that its clients don’t lose their dignity again, in their last years.” But then I said something else. Something that I already knew but felt like stating out loud. I told them how I had only sent a couple of e-mails to my friends and family. To everyone and anyone in my e-mail address book. And somehow, after only 2 e-mails I had collected the most in the group. This proved that I am surrounded by seriously good people who have their priorities straight. And I feel blessed for that.

You should all know that The Blue Card has been rated 4-stars in the Charity Navigator system, which is the highest ranking available meaning that nearly 100% of the money collected is used for the stated mission and not for administrative or marketing purposes. For more information please visit

Expect another e-mail tomorrow after the Race. I’ll let you know how it went.

Thank you so much for your support.



PS. There is still time to give. Please visit my fund raising site – – and help us bring dignity to the survivors in need.

photo 1Joe Sachs, sobreviviente y escritor.

photo 2

photo 3Con Adam (el capitán del equipo).

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Miami 47

Google Chrome

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Cleveland Marathon

imagesLe tengo ganas a éste.

Van a cambiar la ruta para el próximo año basado en los comentarios de los corredores de años pasados.

Cleveland Marathon to alter course for 2014 race after seeking input from runners [link].


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Miami Free Run

Google Chrome

photoSabroso con mis 3 pedorros.


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runDisney support UPDATE

Recibí este e-mail:

Hello Jacobo,
We have reviewed the finish line footage and have found you crossing. We will be recording an Official finish time of 2:19:06 for you. Your net time will automatically be calculated once that is done. Updated results will be posted within the next 2 weeks. If there are any further issues, please let us know.

In reviewing the footage, we noticed that your bib had flipped up, revealing the blank backside to the photographers. The timing strips may have been damaged when this happened. You may want to review some of the unclaimed photos at to see if there are any other photos of your run, as they assign photos based on visible bib numbers.

Congratulations on your finish, and we hope to see you at future events!

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Con madre.

pipiYa tengo un proyecto nuevo.

fuente: [link]

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Miami Free

Google Chrome

Una vuelta al circulo con Maxi.


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runDisney support

imagesLes habia escrito un e-mail para tratar de ver si podían descifrar mi tiempo final y ayudarme a encontrar las fotos de la llegada a la meta. Hoy me contestaron:

Hello Jacobo,

Thank you for contacting us. In doing a quick review, your b-tag did not register at the finish time. Can you provide some additional detail to help our timing team in the research:

Do you recall the clock time when you crossed the finish? If so, please provide.
Did you maintain a watch/app time? If so, please provide.
Did you finish with a running partner? If so, please provide name/bib #.

We look forward to hearing from you, so we can research your request.

Thank you,

Es ahora cuando voy a comprobar si el tiempo que le dediqué a poner datos de la carrera en el post sirvió de algo porque pude usar esos números comparando los splits que si midieron con los de miCoach:

Thanks for the response.

According to my app, my time was approx 2:08:37 and my relevant splits were:

5K – 28:20 | 10K – 56:39 | 15K – 1:28:51

My app started recording data at 5:46 am, which in theory would put my clock time at 7:54.

Hope you guys can figure this out also to find my pictures crossing the finish line.

Thanks for the help!


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Miami 42

Treadmill  |  35 min  |  3.27 miles  | 418 cal

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Miami 41

Google Chrome

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