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7 Mile Bridge



Uno de los 10 puentes más largos de los EUA. A ver cuando puedo hacer esta carrera que me quede con las ganas!

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NYC 60

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Score= 55%. Las piernas vueltas pomadas desde el comienzo. El ayuno no debe haber ayudado. Probando rutas nuevas.


Google Chrome

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Viaje a MN!

En un par de semanas voy a Duluth, MN a unas conferencias.

El sabado me toca una corrida de aproximadamente 20 millas! Asi que decidi contactar a la tienda Duluth Running Co. para pedirles informacion sobre donde correr.

La respuesta fue inmediata:

“Hey Jacobo,

That sounds great.  Where will you be staying?  I imagine you’ll be down in Canal Park somewhere?  If so we can definitely have some good routes for you from there.  Also, would you want to be running more roads than trails since you’re training for NY?
If you are staying down in Canal Park your best bet will be to hit the lakewalk and head up the shore.  The lakewalk now extends all the way to Brighton Beach and from there you can connect onto Scenic Hwy 61 and essentially go all the way to Canada but simply from the heart of Canal Park to Brighton Beach is roughly 9 miles one way.
Our store is just off the lakewalk, right across from Leif Erikson park so if you wanted to stop in to our store and chat with any of our staff, we could give you more specific directions as well.
Thanks, Jacobo.  Let me know if you have any other questions.”

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NYC 58

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El app se congeló durante el segundo sprint!

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NYC 57

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photo 1

photo 3

El parque de HL me recuerda un poco a Rochester.

photo 2

Tremenda telaraña con una araña enorme flotando en el centro.


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Un donativo facilito.



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Acabo de comprarme el kindle nuevo. Llega en unas semanas. Si mis calculos son correctos, este va a ser el primer libro que lea en el:


“Running made me free. It rid me of concern for the opinion of others. Dispensed me from rules and regulations imposed from outside. Running let me start from scratch. It stripped off those layers of programmed activity and thinking. Developed new priorities about eating and sleeping and what to do with leisure time. Running changed my attitude about work and play. About whom I really liked and who really liked me. Running let me see my twenty-four-hour day in a new light and my lifestyle from a different point of view, from the inside instead of out.”

Dr. George Sheehan

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NYC 56

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Score= 66%. Aguacero casi toda la corrida.


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NYC 55

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NYC 54

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Treadmill 1%  |  amarillo a 8 min/mile constantes.

60 min  |  5.88 miles  |  745 cal


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