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Workout R&R – ? Desde New Orleans

En el treadmill del gimnasio StayFit Hyatt en New Orleans.

Tiempo: 35:36  |  Distancia: 3.41m  |  Vel: 5.75 m/h  |  Pace:  10:26 mile

La vista del gimnasio y desde el gimnasio

La mejor parte del gimnasio:  El refri con toallitas húmedas heladas.

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Workout R&R – 58

Score= 69%

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Paraplegic Completes Marathon!

Hoy recibi este e-mail.  INCREIBLE!

Running a marathon is a feat in itself. So imagine the joy when Claire Lomas, who is paralyzed from the chest down, crossed the finish line in London.

She was able to compete thanks to the ReWalk, a device that was developed by Technion alumnus Dr. Amit Goffer. The robotic suit enables paraplegics to stand and walk again — an unfathomable dream for the wheelchair-bound.

Your support for the American Technion Society helps Technion students and graduates like Amit create the innovative treatments that benefit Israel and mankind.

Technion alumni and researchers invented the PillCam — an ingestible capsule camera that detects disorders of the digestive system, and the SpineAssist — a miniature robot that performs spinal surgeries with greater precision than a surgeon. You can be part of these revolutionary technologies. You can help change our world for the better.

Can we count on you to continue to make stories like Ms. Lomas’ possible? We need your investment in Technion education to yield life-changing innovations.

Join me and share in the pride of what Israel and the Technion are achieving. Click here to make your gift today.

There’s no limit to what you can do.”— Amit Goffer

Thank you in advance.


Joel S. Rothman (signature)

Joel S. Rothman

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RockMyRun Rocks!

Este site esta genial. Lo conocí por una promoción de Brooks donde me daban un mix gratis.

Antes usaba los mixes de MotionTraxx, que son gratis y están muy buenos, pero estos usan canciones populares, no solo techno.

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Workout R&R – 57

Score= 71%

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Orígenes de la genética atlética de la familia.

Marcos con Safari Kirsch después de una trotadita.

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Workout R&R – 56

Score= 82%.

La primer corrida con Beto y Joseph desde Disney!

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Workout R&R – 55

45 min. eFree por el vecindario con el cuñado.

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Workout R&R – 54

Score= 73%

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ING Miami. Listo!

Registrado. Enero 27. Aver como nos va en el R&R en Noviembre y nos ponemos una meta para éste.

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