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Mercedes Benz Corporate 5K

Resultados del Equipo de la Clinica:

Un poco decepcionado porque queria terminarlo abajo de los 25, pero la verdad es que la primer milla no se podia correr más rápido por el congestionamiento de gente que había.


El congestionamiento a la salida.

La meta.

División de Radiologia.

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Workout #29

Score= 90%

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No se le puede mentir a un corredor.

“…perceptions might have no effect on performance. In an interesting study from 2004, when treadmill runners were told that they were striding at an easier pace than, in fact, they were, their bodies shrugged off the lie. The runners reported feeling exactly as tired as they would have felt running at their true pace, not at the pace they thought they were maintaining. Their lungs and legs weren’t fooled, even if the mind was.”


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Tel Aviv marathon map sends runners the wrong way

An article on explains:

“Thousands [of the maps] had been distributed to participants before the mistake was noticed. Upon being informed of the error, the race’s organizers stopped distributing the map to runners, who were instead referred to the marathon’s website for the correct route.”

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100PU’s – 10

21 – 25 – 21 – 21 – 32

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Mis chances de entrar al ING New York

“…applicants must pay an $11 nonrefundable fee, and they have a roughly 1-in-10 chance of being accepted through the lottery. (About 9,000 runners made it in through the lottery last year.)”

“For United States residents who are not club members, the fee increased to $255, from $196.”

Source: [link]

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(-)-Epicatechin enhances fatigue resistance and oxidative capacity in mouse muscle.

The flavanol (-)-epicatechin, a component of cacao (cocoa), has been shown to have multiple health benefits in humans. Using 1-year-old male mice, we examined the effects of 15 days of (-)-epicatechin treatment and regular exercise on: (1) exercise performance, (2) muscle fatigue, (3) capillarity, and (4) mitochondrial biogenesis in mouse hindlimb and heart muscles. Twenty-five male mice (C57BL/6N) were randomized into four groups: (1) water, (2) water-exercise (W-Ex), (3) (-)-epicatechin ((-)-Epi), and (4) (-)-epicatechin-exercise ((-)-Epi-Ex). Animals received 1 mg kg(-1) of (-)-epicatechin or water (vehicle) via oral gavage (twice daily). Exercise groups underwent 15 days of treadmill exercise. Significant increases in treadmill performance (∼50%) and enhanced in situ muscle fatigue resistance (∼30%) were observed with (-)-epicatechin. Components of oxidative phosphorylation complexes, mitofilin, porin, nNOS, p-nNOS, and Tfam as well as mitochondrial volume and cristae abundance were significantly higher with (-)-epicatechin treatment for hindlimb and cardiac muscles than exercise alone. In addition, there were significant increases in skeletal muscle capillarity. The combination of (-)-epicatechin and exercise resulted in further increases in oxidative phosphorylation-complex proteins, mitofilin, porin and capillarity than (-)-epicatechin alone. These findings indicate that (-)-epicatechin alone or in combination with exercise induces an integrated response that includes structural and metabolic changes in skeletal and cardiac muscles resulting in greater endurance capacity. These results, therefore, warrant the further evaluation of the underlying mechanism of action of (-)-epicatechin and its potential clinical application as an exercise mimetic.


Nogueira L, Ramirez-Sanchez I, Perkins GA, Murphy A, Taub PR, Ceballos G, Villarreal FJ, Hogan MC, Malek MH.  J Physiol. 2011 Sep 15;589(Pt 18):4615-31. [link]

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Workout #28

Score= 78%

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Workout #27

Score= 62%

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El estilo de vida de un radiólogo.

Me acaban de llegar los resultados de la encuesta anual de Medscape. En ellos se encuentran todo tipo de gráficas sobre como es la vida de los médicos en los EEUU y las presentan por especialidades. En lo que se refiere a radiólogos y el ejercicio hubo un par de hallazgos interesantes:

How often do Radiologists exercise:

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