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Where Do You Hurt?


Interesante que me llegara un e-mail hoy con este link justo después de mi post en el blog de RW.


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Nuevo Post en el Forum de RW: New HOKA One One Clifton’s

Hi everyone,

Been running on Brooks PureCadence for the last 2 years (several iterations of them) and decided to give the Hoka’s a try.

The shoes fit great and feel exactly they way I expected, super comfortable with lots of support. But as soon as I started running on them my legs started to ache in all sort of new places! Mostly posterior and postero-lateral thighs and glutes. My question to the forum is:

Was I not exercising my glutes and posterior thighs by running on the Brooks and suddenly the changed in form by the new shoes put those muscles into action?






A ver que opina la raza.


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Buen artículo



The Dirty Dozen [link]
12 mistakes (even experienced) runners make.
By Pete Magill
Published  February 05, 2013

Buen articulo. Vale la pena leerlo.

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Runner’s World blog

Hoy puse esta pregunta en mi pagina de “The Loop”. A ver que contesta la gente.

Training advice on how to improve stride length.

Hi everyone,

I feel good with with my cadence (I can keep it betwen 180-195 without a problem).

I feel good with my mid to forefoot landing.

I thought I was doing well. Then I saw those slo-mo videos of the trials in Eugene posted in this website. WOW! The length of those strides is unreal! And they still manage to land with their center of gravity right on top of their feet!

I started paying more attention to those mechanincs on my last couple of runs and I realized that my stride length is my weakest point and it is probably one of the major factors that are not allowing me to run faster. (Keep in mind that I am only 5’8″)

Any good tips on how to improve on this? Excercises on improving your toe-off maybe?


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